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Cadet Achievements

Cadet of The Quarter 2019-2020

First Quarter 
Devan Snow

2019 National Award Winners

Distinguished Unit Award
KY-20003 Cadet Group
Outstanding Flight Award
Air Force Association
Breeanna Woodall

Keegan Solmos

American Legion Scholastic Excellence
Breeanna Woodall

American Legion Military Excellence
Austin Jackson

American Legion Citizenship Award

American Legion Boys State

Daughters of the American Revolution
Stephanie Blaine

American Veterans
Charles Shelton

Reserve Officer Association
Isabella Shelton

Military Officer Association
Adam Thomas 

Veterans of Foreign Wars
Caleb Dixon

National Sojourners
Karina Keene

Sons of the American Revolution
Melodie Workman

Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction
Zander Jenkins  

Military Order of the Purple Heart
Itzaan Rojas

Air Force Sergeants Association
Nathanael Wood

Tuskegee Airman
M. Mingus

Daughters of the War of 1812
 Dakota Brewer

Air Commando Association Award

Athlete of the Year
Mason Johnson
Michelle Mingus 

Cadet of the Year