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Chain of Command


KY-20003 Cadet Group Chain of Command

Superintendent of Nelson County School District
Mr. Wes Bradley

Principal of Nelson County High School
Mr. Barry Nesbitt
Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
Col Donna Lucchese

Aerospace Science Instructor
Group Commander
C/ Karina Keene
Deputy Group Commander
C/ Keegan Solmos

Group Superintendent
C/ A. Thompson

TNHS Detachment Commander
C/ A. Thomas

TNHS First Sergeant
C/ D. Hardwick

Mission Support Squadron Commander
C/ I. Shelton
Mission Support Squadron First Sergeant
C/ D. Snow
Operations Squadron Commander
C/ C. Dixon
Operations Squadron First Sergeant
C/ A. Degroote
Alpha Flight Commander
C/ Yates
Alpha Flight Sergeant
C/ Brewer
Bravo Flight Commander
C/ Ellingsworth
Bravo Flight Sergeant
C/ Trzop

Charlie Flight Commander
C/ Johnson
Charlie Flight Sergeant
C/ Young
Delta Flight Commander
C/ Angle               
Delta Flight Sergeant
C/ Grimes            
Echo Flight Commander
C/ Keene
Echo Flight Sergeant
Foxtrot Flight Commander
C/ Thomas
Foxtrot Flight Sergeant
C/ Hardwick

Golf Flight Commander
C/ Dixon
Golf Flight Sergeant
C/ Schreiber