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Chain of Command

Air Force Junior ROTC Chain of Command

President of the United States
Donald Trump

Secretary of Defense
James Mattis

Secretary of the Air Force
Dr. Heather Wilson

Air Force Chief of Staff
Gen. David Goldfein

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
CMSAF Kaleth Wright

Commander, Air Education and Training Command
Lt Gen Darryl Roberson

Commander, Air University
Lt Gen Steven Kwast

Commander, Holm Center
Brig Gen Steven Garland

Director, Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
Col Scott Lewis

KY-20003 Cadet Group Chain of Command

Superintendent of Nelson County School District
Mr. Tom Brown

Principal of Nelson County High School
Mrs. Tanya Jury
Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
Col Donna Lucchese

Aerospace Science Instructor
Group Commander
C/Lizabeth Rojas
Deputy Group Commander
C/Jordan Dixon

Group Superintendent
C/Jacob Lanham
TNHS Detachment Commander
C/Breanna Woodall

TNHS First Sergeant
C/Caleb Dixon

Mission Support Squadron Commander
C/Devon Melancon
Mission Support Squadron First Sergeant
C/Christian Cahoe 
Operations Squadron Commander
C/Joseph Koelsch 
Operations Squadron First Sergeant
C/Chase Clan 
Alpha Flight Commander
C/Kim Taylor
Alpha Flight Sergeant
C/Taylor Vernon
Bravo Flight Commander
C/Joseph Koelsch
Bravo Flight Sergeant
C/Melodie Workman

Charlie Flight Commander
C/Jada Spratt
Charlie Flight Sergeant
C/Steven Clan
Delta Flight Commander
Delta Flight Sergeant
Echo Flight Commander
C/Cameron Jackson
Echo Flight Sergeant
C/Cambron Roby
Foxtrot Flight Commander
C/John Fulkerson
Foxtrot Flight Sergeant
C/Austin Lee

Golf Flight Commander
C/Celeb Dixon 
Golf Flight Sergeant